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About Me


Kathleen started her journey with meditation and spirituality in 1997. After many years of personal practice, she felt the calling to help others. After much research, she found energy medicine in 2008.

Kathleen began learning Reiki and Healing Touch. She used it on herself, family, friends and animals. Now a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Reiki Master, Kathleen has 3 offices in Connecticut. 

Kathleen knows that Spiritual evolution is endless and one is always a student. She continues to educate herself in modalities that are natural, healing and beneficial to the mind, body and spirit.

"Energy medicine has transformed me & the way I live my life. It seemed a natural progression for me, then, to share what I love about this practice with others."

She wants to share her love of energy healing in all the ways she has learned and experienced. She hopes to envelope those she meets with compassion and a safe space for deep healing. Her goal is to encourage you to connect with yourself on a soul level and with loving self awareness so that you can fully feel, experience and let go of whatever it is that could be holding you back from fully expressing your highest and greatest good.

One's optimum health potential can only be reached when a "balance" exists between between body, mind and spirit. Pain and ‘dis’-‘ease’ are often symptoms which result from an imbalance in our lives.

Energy therapies use gentle touch to assist in balancing your physical, mental and emotional well-being. Energy therapies also work with your energy field to support your natural ability to heal, is safe for all ages, works in harmony with and is complementary to standard medical care.

Kathleen has offices in Southbury, Watertown and New Milford. Please call 203.994.2003 for times and appointments.

Kathleen S. Kennedy

Phone: 203.994.2003

Email: kennedyreiki@aol.com

Office Locations:

1044 Main Street

Watertown, CT

350 Litchfield Road

New Milford, CT

5 Housatonic Trail

Southbury, CT